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Dedicated hosting

Build your business IP on Dedicated Server

High-growth businesses & moderate web traffic, you can buy our vps hosting with on...

our package &

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silver WD plan
6999 /mo
gold WD plan popular
10999 /mo
diamond WD plan
19999 /mo
100 times speed

iweb Technology

Our Server using 100 GBPS Lease Line to provide you seamless spee.Our Server is Located in India,USA,UK,Canada.

Cloud Flair Integration

iweb technology

CloudFlare is designed to accelerate and secure any website. Our system works somewhat like a content delivery network (CDN), but is designed to be much easier to setup and configure.

Easy to Use Panels

iweb technology

Our Web Hosting using World most Popular Panels like CPANEL or PLESK.It's very easy to use.

Google products enabled

iweb technology

Our Server is google products enabled by which you can Integrate like Professional Email Services of google.

include all


fully managed server

In Case of VPS/Dedicated Server We will Provide Managed Server.

windows and linux

Our windows and Linux Server are always uptime.

control with root access

Access your Server at Root Level likewise your Home Computer.

dedicated bandwidth

Our Server having a connection of 100 GBPS that enables and give you dedicated bandwidth.

technical support

Our Technical Support is always Ready to help you.Please Email us - info@iwebtechnology.in

free website optimization

Our Pre Installed Apps always help you to improve your website.

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A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) is a unique Internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account. This is in contrast to the normal configuration of several hosting accounts residing on a single server and sharing its IP address.
Numerous emerging technologies make it exceedingly easy to move a website from one host to another. However, no matter how fast the speed of transfer, the average customer may experience some downtime during the transfer process. Depending on what goes on behind the scenes, the transfer of DNS servers between the old and new web hosts can cause a domain to go dark for between for 12 to 72 hours after the request for such a change is submitted to the new registrar.
Select a web hosting package depending on factors like how much disk space you need etc. Check out Godaddy, HostGater, etc for the same. Web hosting as a service incorporates the space where your website files are stored, the traffic to your website, and lots of extra services such as firewall protection,email services, FTP access, etc. Once your hosting plan is purchased, your domain will be pointed to your web hosting account by changing the name servers for that domain name, and any visitors to your domain will be able to view the website hosted at your web hosting provider.
Of the numerous hosting features and extras available from just about every hosting provider out there, the dedicated IP may just be the one that gives Web publishers the most pause. Is it necessary? Does it have any benefit? Do I really need one if I’m using a dedicated server? Do I really need one at all?
Before selecting a web hosting package, you must first identify what you need your website to do. The purpose of any website is to incentivize the reader to take some course of action. What course of action do you want them to take? What message do you wish to send? How are you going to send that message? The answers to these questions determine the amount of bandwidth you need, the website availability you require, and the peripheral services you must include (such as video hosting services). Once you know these things, you can then make an educated decision on what web hosting package to purchase.